about me

Framed Inspiration

I have always been a fan of fonts and painting different words and quotes that strike me is something I've always enjoyed. I like to marry this with COLOR! and a pretty gold frame to add a bit of gravitas to a simple provocation.


I started painting these moons a few months ago in need mostly of a large piece of work to put above my bed.  I found that they are both calming and also meaningful to paint.  A circular canvas is always fun to work on and make such a statement in a home.  


These are some of the most fun things to create.  I love uplifting quotes and I've found that it's fun to put them all over the house.  We can also do something fun and collaborate with a quote you love ;)


These are my watercolor tatas.  I have always loved boobs and more so after giving birth and thence, giving actual life, health and nutrients to my child.  I love painting these.  They bring me so much joy.